Vision – Bell Pensioners’ Group


This document describes the Vision for the Bell Pensioners’ Group (BPG) and was last updated on April 22, 2014.

Core values & beliefs

The following are the Core Values and Beliefs that guide the decisions of the Board of Directors of BPG:

    1. Our approach to addressing issues and concerns is first to seek a solution.
    2. We do not endorse products.
    3. We respect the privacy of our members.
    4. We are fiscally responsible, and ensure our members have a complete understanding of how and where we spend their money.
    5. We ensure that the organization is sustainable.

The reason for the existence of BPG, and our enduring purpose is as follows:

To protect the defined benefit pension and applicable post retirement benefits of retirees and employees of Bell Canada and its affiliates. This is accomplished through ongoing dialogue and formal meetings with Bell, advocating to government for improved pension legislation and regulations, and supporting the pensioner representatives on the Bell corporate Pension Information Committee (PIC). Our goal is to inform our members on current Bell pension and benefits issues and where necessary to assist them in addressing their particular problems in these areas.

The BPG also acts as an advocate to government agencies for improved pension legislation and regulations on behalf of the members of defined benefit pension plans of BCE, Bell Aliant (Ontario & Québec) and Télébec.


The mission of BPG is “to be recognized by Bell, Bell pensioners, government agencies and the stakeholder community as an effective and influential advocate for our members”.


The Board of the Bell Pensioners’ Group will focus on the following priorities:

    1. Protecting the interests of our members with regard to the Bell Pension Plan.
    2. Advocating for the continuance of applicable post retirement benefits (e.g. medical, vision, dental) of our members.
    3. Representing the interests of Bell, BCE, Bell Aliant (Ontario & Québec) and Télébec pensioners in the growing public policy debate on pension reform.

The following are the current strategies that will enable the Chapters and the Board to realize our Mission:

Ensure that the Board of BPG is knowledgeable on the legislative, political, economic and other factors that have the potential to affect the security of our members’ pensions.

    1. Advocate for legislative and regulatory changes that will protect the interests of the members of defined benefit pension plans of Bell, BCE, Bell Aliant (Ontario & Québec) and Télébec.
    2. Ensure that PIC representatives are members of BPG.
    3. Inform our members on key and current issues relating to their pension and benefits and assist them as needed.
    4. Increase the number of BPG members.
    5. Develop and mobilize a network of like-minded pension groups on issues of importance to the members of defined benefit pension plans of Bell, BCE, Bell Aliant (Ontario & Québec) and Télébec.
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