Note: These videos are easier to see what is going on and to follow if you watch them in full-screen mode. To do that, just click on the arrows that are just to the left of the “Gumlet” logo found in the bottom right-hand corner of the videos.

How to create new events.

How to create a post.

Adding a Map to an Event (get the embed code).

Embed a Map into an Event – Part 2.

How an Author can access the translator tool

Comment utiliser la traduction de page.

How to manage media files.

Work in progress

Webmasters ' Corner

This section is meant to assist trained webmasters with basic configuration info. As WordPress offers a wide range of possibilities, a large part of learning is done by searching the web for specific support tips, discussing with peers and experimenting by yourself (in draft mode of course). However for a good start, basic training is required and job-aids / Q&A are also valuable as sometimes we may be a while without performing certain configurations.  This section is a work in progress and will be built based on folks questions and findings. 

Create a Post


You can Create a new post or Duplicate a post and edit it after:

If creating a post, first set the parameters in the right sidebar:

Select the appropriate Chapter in Categories:

  • Optional – Add a Featured image (700×395 px, and les than 300KB, must be Royalty-free or legitly purchased)
  • Uncheck “Allow comments” and “Allow pingbacks”
  • Page Layout should indicate “No Sidebar”
  • At this point, click the “Save Draft”.

  • Click the purple “Use Divi Builder” button, then click “Build from scratch”
  • Insert Rows: Select the number of rows you want your post to have (mostly one or 2 rows)
  • Click the black  + icon to create your new module.
  • Insert Module: Select the Module type (mostly Text or Image)


Create and format  your text and add photo as needed

Design the look and field of your module using the various functions in the “Design” tab

Save your input

At the bottom of your page, click the purple X icon and click Save Draft.

In the upper bar:

  • Click “Exit Visual Builder”.
  • To return to your Post in Edit mode, click on “Edit Post’
  • If ready to publish, click “Publish”
  • If not, Save Draft and click the BPG icon in the upper left to go back to your general menu.

Create an Event


In the Event section, click the “Add New” button or duplicate an existing Event that you can edit:



In the Add New Event page:

  • Add an Event Title,
  • Set Page Layout to “No Sidebar”,
  • Choose the appropriate Chapter in Event  Categories,
  • Set the Time & Date,
  • Optional: add a Featured image,
  • DO NOT enter a venue and uncheck Show Map and Show Map Link. If needed, add the map in the body text of the Event,

Click on Save Draft and click the purple button Use The Divi Builder.


  • Click on Build From Scratch.
  • In Insert Row, select the number or rows you want (mostly 1 or 2 or a post),
  • In Insert Module, select the appropriate Module (mostly Text, video or Image),
  • For a more visual experience, click the “Build on the Front End” button to edit the Event



 This example shows 2 colums. Click the black + icon to create the text module, add and format your text, then save module :

Click Save Draft and click the black + icon to add the second column module,


  • To add an embeded map, go to google and find the location, and copy the embeded code in the Share option.
  • Then go back to the Module setting window, select the “Text”  tab and paste the embeded code. You may want to add text before the html code.
  • Save the settings

You can Save Draft and Exit Visual Builder (top menu) if publishing later,or if very sure you did OK, Publish your Event.

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