BPG ByLaws

In 2005, the Board of Directors undertook a key project to review and update the bylaws of BPG. The single biggest change was to establish a new objective that better reflects the purpose of the organization: to protect the pensions and benefits of our members. Another important change was the inclusion of proportional representation from Ontario and Québec on the Board.

In May 2010, further changes to the BPG by-laws were also made. They were aimed at, among other things, reflecting the management practices of the Group, modifying the criteria for admissibility to the Group to include Quebec and Ontario Bell Aliant Pensioners, as well as Bell employees eligible for a deferred pension.   The by-law changes were approved in all five chapters and were filed and approved by Industry Canada.

In 2013, BPG must make changes to its by-laws in order to be consistent with the new Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. These changes cover among other things the election of chapters chairs and the meetings of the members; other changes are proposed to simplify the organization’s evolution. The by-laws changes were approved by the BPG chapters and by Industry Canada.

The revised by-laws  are now available as a PDF document.

Revised By-Laws Document

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