Renew Your BPG Membership


IF your BPG membership has NOT expired yet, please WAIT until it does if you intend to renew by credit card! Once your membership has expired, make sure you are LOGGED IN to this website and then come to this page. Then you can fill in the form below. After submitting you will see a new page where you can fill in your credit card information. That information is securely transmitted to the Stripe payment processor. Stripe handles BILLIONS of dollars of credit card payments every year. Your credit card information is NOT stored on the BPG website. When you pay by credit card, you are setting up an annual subscription. This will renew automatically annually at the rate of $20.  IF you wish to cancel your subscription, you can easily do so – just go to your ACCOUNT (found in the upper right hand corner of the website), and click on the three dots next to your subscription and click “Cancel”. Once you have canceled you will have access to the website portal for the rest of your current subscription term but you will no longer be billed annually.

PAYING BY CHEQUE OR E-TRANSFER: If you choose to renew your membership by cheque or e-transfer, you will need to send your payment by mail or e-transfer and that will have to be processed. Once payment is confirmed you will be manually added to the portal and have access to the member’s portal.   When you pay by cheque or e-transfer, though, you will have to manually renew your membership every year. You will receive an email reminder as your membership term comes up for renewal.

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