Who Is Eligible To Join BPG?


Membership in the Bell Pensioners’ Group (BPG) is open to the following members of Bell Defined Benefit (DB) pension plans:

  • Retirees
  • Active employees
  • Individuals no longer employed by Bell who are eligible to receive a Bell DB pension either now or in the future (as long as they remain on the Bell plan)
  • Surviving spouses and their dependents

BPG currently represents members of the following

Bell DB Pension Plans*

Pension Plan Regulated
  • Bell including:
  • Expertech
  • Bell Mobility
  • Bell Aliant
    • Ontario and Québec
  • Federally
  • BCE
  • Provincially (Ontario)
  • Télébec
  •  Federally
  • Aliant Atlantic
  • Federally

*       BPG is willing to represent the members of other Bell DB Pension Plans.  Interested parties from such plans should contact BPG for more information

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